Our Federal Employee planners are experts in helping Federal Employees structure a better plan for their retirement.

Our approved “Federal Employee Benefit Planners" offer NO FEE retirement planning services

You will not be charged a fee for any “retirement consultation services” or “Pre-retirement Strategy reports” no matter how extensive the reports or retirement planning advice might be. They provide an exclusive “14-page report” that will illustrate your stand-alone and combined Pension, Social Security and TSP options. Additionally at your request, a free 15-minute telephonic tutorial is also available. 

These professionals are required to meet our high standards of being trustworthy, knowledgeable, personable, compassionate and responsive. Each advisor is required to attend regular training meetings and keep current with federal benefits that affect your retirement. 

Meet Our Planners

Ken Van Der Does, Executive Director, Federal Benefit Advisory

Ken Van der Does

Ken is Director and co-founder of Federal Benefit Advisory. After serving in the United States Air Force, he launched a private business where he learned inside management skills and employee relations. His love for business continued as he entered the financial services industry and formed a partnership with a large marketing company. In 1993 he expanded his vision of providing financial services when he moved his family to the Pacific Northwest and founded National Benefit Advisory, Inc. That eventually led to the formation of Federal Benefit Advisory, a firm focused on helping Federal employees with their retirement.

George Shipe, Federal Employee Benefit Planner

George Shipe, FRC

George joined National Benefit Advisory, Inc. as a Retirement Planner in 1993, after decades as a banker. He has developed a large clientele applying a unique design for each individual retirement income plan and is Co-Founder of Federal Benefit Advisory. His practice has been working with the general public, federal employees about to retire, as well as those already retired, with perspective on the changing needs of the client in retirement.

George can be heard occasionally as expert guest on ‘Business Talk Radio’, ‘Right At Home Radio’ and ‘Aging Options’ a legal advice radio program, for the retired.

He is a U.S. Army and Army National Guard veteran and member of the 3rd Infantry Regiment (Old Guard) Association.

Martin Van Der Does, Federal Employee Benefit Planner

Martin has been with Federal Benefit Advisory since 2007. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the financial services industry. He is a trusted expert among financial professionals. Martin enjoys helping federal and postal employees build confidence to make sound retirement planning decisions. He knows first-hand the challenges that many face as they plan for and approach retirement. He believes helping employees understand the complexities of their benefits and making informed decisions are the first steps to creating and living a successful retirement.

Phyllis Ramsay, Federal Employee Benefit Planner

Phyllis Ramsay, FRC

Phyllis has a rich background in business and retirement planning. After 15 years as a real estate broker, she began her retirement planning in 1988. She was hungry for knowledge and attended every seminar, course and school she could in order to be the best professional possible. In addition to federal retirement planning, she has developed a large clientele planning long term care, estate planning and trusts.
Richard Wilkes, Federal Employee Benefit Planner

Richard Wilkes, FRC

Richard has a rich 35 years of financial planning experience. He is well experienced in planning with focus on retirement income planning combined with asset preservation for the retiree. Mr. Wilkes is constantly involved in business and financial course work to stay current in the ever changing retirement landscape.

Layne Beck

Layne Beck, FRC

Layne has 40 years of experience with income and retirement planning.  He has a BS in accounting and finance from Utah State University.  He spent 2 years as a tax preparer and Auditor in a CPA firm. Layne has continued his education taking various courses to increase his knowledge to help his clients minimize taxation.  He has been married for 43 years and has 5 children and 15 grandchildren.  In his spare time, Layne enjoys the outdoors hiking, skiing, mountain biking and spending time with his family.

Federal Benefit Advisory

Rudolph Pierre

Rudolph, a former Internal Revenue Service Tax Examiner, has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry with experience as a Licensed Loan Officer, Financial Consultant for individuals and business owners.

As an active member in his community, he was co-founder and advisor to several community organizations as well as serving as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for the Asbury Park Housing Authority, Trustee for the Asbury Park Housing Authority Community Development Corporation and Advisory Committee Member for State Senator, Ronald Rice, on Affordable Housing.

Rudolph’s rich background in serving the community and his service as a federal employee provide him with an uncommon depth in the federal employee retirement planning industry with his personal application to each federal employee seeking a clarity in their retirement planning process.

Federal Benefit Advisory

Troy Hanke, FRC

Troy is a highly accomplished professional with a multifaceted background spanning over 15 years in banking, financial planning, and specializing in federal retirement. Beyond his extensive expertise in financial markets and retirement planning intricacies, Troy brings a unique blend of skills and insights to his clients.

With experience in both banking and financial planning sectors, Troy has honed his abilities to provide comprehensive guidance tailored to individual needs. His certification as a Federal Retirement Consultant underscores his commitment to mastering the complexities of federal retirement planning.

Throughout his career, Troy has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor, particularly valued for his specialization in federal retirement planning. His proficiency in decoding intricate regulations and customizing retirement strategies for federal employees has solidified his standing as an industry leader.

Beyond his professional achievements, Troy’s dedication to service is evident in his six years of active duty in the United States Navy and Army Reserves. Combined with his academic credentials, including a four-year degree in management and finance, Troy’s commitment to excellence and integrity is unparalleled.

With an unwavering passion for helping clients secure their financial futures, Troy continues to provide guidance and support, ensuring that each individual receives personalized solutions aligned with their unique goals and aspirations.

Federal Benefit Advisory

Rod Stumphf, FRC

After many years working within family retirement planning, it was while working with several federal employees, he found that little help was being provided to the federal employees, by the federal government and the retirement planning community. There, he set out to learn all he could about the federal employee. Courses and study became his mantra, to learn and help as many federal employees plan for the best retirement possible, exploring and designing the benefits and needs in retirement. His clientele spread where he began to help employees in the Lubbock, Texas area, eventually expanding to Tennessee. The more fed employees he helped, the more he found needing his services. His dedication to study and help eventually led to the prestigious designation Federal Retirement Consultant (FRC). Currently, he is working with federal employees of all agencies. Due to his deep southern roots, he specializes in Tennessee and southeastern states. Rod is married with 3 children and their shih Tzu named Lexi. Rod has been praised for his charitable giving of his time building handicap ramps and with the YMCA.

John James, Financial Planer

John James, FRC

John brings entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and a wealth of experience as a Federal Employee Benefit Advisor. He has been in the financial services industry for over 15 years and is always ready to dig into the details with Federal employees to find the very best plans for retirement. He applies his experience and knowledge to each client interaction, helping the client find the best options to suit their ever-changing needs. John welcomes new Federal employee clients.

John has served on the Board of Directors of numerous non-profits, coached youth softball for twenty years, and single-handedly remodeled his home. He is a blacksmith, a ukelele player, and a dog lover. He travels extensively with his wife and has a goal of hiking all accessible parts of the Oregon Trail.


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