Vaccination Mandate Halted for U.S. Postal Service

Covid Vaccine Mandate

On November 6, 2021, federal appeals court temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine rule for private businesses, which applies to the U.S. Postal Service, reports The Wall Street Journal. The Fifth Circuit issued the ruling. 

Thousands of federal employees have requested religious exemptions for the vaccine mandate, reported The Washington Post on Sunday. “The process could take months for officials designated at each agency, leaving anxious employees in limbo and delaying implementation of a mandate Biden announced in September as a model for employers nationwide,” said the report. 

The National Institutes of Health is having a roundtable next month to discuss the ethics of vaccine mandates, which “was set up after a senior infectious-disease researcher at the institute pushed back against broadening discussion of mandates this summer and requested an agency ethics review,” The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

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