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“Ain’t getting any better soon”

It doesn’t take a PhD in Economics to understand the economy today. Oh, we hear the news, “Jobs Look Good”, “Inflation is under control”, “the market is up”, now let’s listen to the people: “I have to tap into my credit card too often”, “I can hardly afford to drive to work each day”,” we have to cut back on food and meats we used to buy”.  Such a dichotomy of descriptions of daily living. No one reading my words believes we are better today than yesterday. Now, let’s look at each of my readers; everyday folks just trying to get by, raise a family and get to retirement in 20 years, but the numbers aren’t cooperating. I am not here to tell you how to live your life, but to point out what my gurus are telling me. Tighten your belt. Don’t use any more credit cards than you must. Make a strict budget and stick to it. Put off the cruise this year, repair the car and wait it out.

I have told you nothing you don’t already know, so why am I making that my Economy opinion this week? Because, this week, I have had several readers contact me for advice on pulling money, albeit with penalty and heavy taxes, from their TSP to cover expenses, credit cards and Christmas. Tempting as it is, we all must resist any unnecessary spending, as nothing on my Gurus Horizon says it is going to get better soon.

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