HELP! My Parents are going broke on nursing home expenses.

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“My parents, George, I do not know where to turn. Mom came down with Alzheimer’s, dad is spending all their money on her care at a nursing home, over $10,000.00 a month. I know this is not nothing to do with my retirement, but I don’t know where to turn.”  Sheila

Sheila, we are blessed in this country with great medical services, allowing us to live longer than ever before, but bad news comes this longevity, that being illness and nursing care for more and more persons each year. A thriving industry, nursing care is needed, but expensive. As in your case, over $100,000.00 per year is not uncommon.

First, we need to talk, then you will need to consult with a qualified attorney who can guide you in a plan for the state to pick up the bill and save the asset drain your dad is now experiencing. In addition to retirement planning, we also help families retain their assets through the state plan, mentioned above.

Available in ALL STATES, a program wherein a married couple can preserve their assets, it works this way:

Within the marriage, in this case, one spouse is well, the other spouse is ill. Depending on the state, as details differ, WELL SPOUSE may retain certain assets called NON-COUNTABLE (the home, vehicle, personal property, certain cash and investments. Other assets will have to liquidate which are called COUNTABLE assets. The countable assets are placed into a specially structured annuity and retained for the well spouse. The state will no longer see these as assets and will then approve payment for the spouse in the nursing facility. This is a complicated process, beginning with a local well-qualified attorney. We can help you find an attorney. Fees and costs associated with this plan. Yes, but when weighed against the cost of care, it is a real bargain.

We have 20 years’ experience in structured annuities, acceptable to all states.

Anyone reading this, if your parents, neighbor or even you are faced with a massive payout for care, it may be worth your time to call me at 888-415-7905.

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