Postal Reform Act, signed by Biden Apr 6, 2022

The long-awaited Postal Reform Act has been signed by President Biden.  The USPS was burdened a decade ago when congress required the postal service to “Pre-Fund” retirement FEHB into the future, beyond the horizon. The result was that the Postal Service was unable to make a profit, therefore faced a complete shutdown. There are many parts to the new law, it will take time to absorb. Please read the article link, learn what you can and feel free to share with your fellow employees.

In my opinion:

Now, that burden has been lifted, we will see a new breath of fresh air will fill the lungs of all USPS employees. The decades old congress imposed retired FEHB pre-funding law, was, in my opinion, strictly sabotage.  God Bless our United States Postal Service and to the future and the glorious past in the beginning and most difficult times of wars, depression and pandemic in the 18th, 19th 20th and 21st Centuries.

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