Retirement, Then What?

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“George, I failed Retirement, 6 months of bliss, then I got bored, sleeping in every morning, then staying up late at night. I no longer wanted to go out and see friends, my wife is about to kill me”  sounds like a joke, but then who’s laughing. Is retirement an endless vacation? Should be, it should feel like it, the exhilaration of being free free free, but that feeling will last only so long. I can see it, but, I have never retired. Oh sure, perhaps I woulda, coulda  and maybe shoulda retired long ago, but I am busy, all day, I love helping people. My work gives me structure, an absolute feeling of accomplishment and helping people. Life, for me, could not be any better.

When one retires, first, there is a loss of daily routine and structure, any sense of fulfillment and then there is the social part of working, the banter and water cooler breaks.  Enjoy fishing, travel, and golf, but activities that provide the stuff of life are also important to consider. If you have concerns about failing retirement, begin or increase church activities, volunteer, and fulfilling the senses of belonging and helping are corner stones to a quality life. Perhaps you have an interest in archology or the environment, auto racing or aircraft. I spent several years flying with the Civil Air Patrol. A fine group of people that truly help people when the people desperately need help.  I have served on the board of directors of charitable organizations and a period on the board of Habitat for Humanity. Challenging and fulfilling activities.

When you take time for fishing, it will feel like vacation instead of more of the same. Your state may have a site which is ‘VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES’ (

Have you always wanted to own your own business?  If you aren’t sure what that means, look inward and find your talents, Art, landscaping, masonry, photography, write a book, run a marathon, or just get in shape.

A business can be solely your idea, owned and operated or consider a franchise ( ). 

In the end, retirement can mean an eternity of boredom and isolation or the most exciting time of your life. Like life itself, it will be what you make of it.

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