April 2023

Federal Benefit Advisory


The Importance of Self-Management by Rebalancing If you’re going to use the individual TSP funds to build your portfolio, you’ll want to rebalance periodically. Rebalancing is the process of bringing your portfolio back into line with the overall allocation you want to maintain based on the level of return and risk you’re targeting. The longer […]


Federal Benefit Advisory

The G Fund Subsidy

Most TSP members are not aware, the government has provided a ‘silent’ subsidy in your G Fund investments. Effectively, the G Fund has been investing in the long-term U.S. securities, but paying on the long-term securities. Thereby, offering a higher return to the TSP member, than TSP earns.  This is a good deal for those

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Federal Benefit Advisory

Your Beneficiary and Considerations

The designated Beneficiary, may be the most overlooked, misunderstood and even neglected important retirement detail and we often see this given the least consideration in retirement planning. If you don’t plan right, it could cost thousands of dollars, it may hold up needed funds for a period, perhaps a long time, or may not reach

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